Basic question formation dice game

Take Off 2/ Lift Off 2 and Take Off 3/ Lift Off 3

Roll the dice and try to make a question starting the way that is next to that number that no one has asked before. You get one point for each correct question which your partner can answer and which no one has asked today. You get no point if you ask the same question as you or your partner asked before, but even a small change is okay. For example, you get two points if you ask “How old is your sister?” and then “How old is your youngest sister?” You also get no point if your partner says “I don’t know” or if you take more than 20 seconds to make a question.

Lift Off 2 Unit 10

  1. Do you…?
  2. Are you…?
  3. Where’s…?
  4. What …?
  5. How…?
  6. Whose…?

Lift Off 2 Unit 20

  1. Do you…?
  2. Can you…?
  3. What…?
  4. When…?/ What time…?
  5. Where…?
  6. Is…?

Lift Off 3 Unit 10

  1. How old…?
  2. Where…?
  3. When…?/ What time…?
  4. What…?
  5. How many…?
  6. Do you…?

Work together as a class to think of more questions, starting with any which you had difficulty with.


PDF for easy saving and printing: basic question formation dice game

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