Planning an IELTS Academic Writing Part Two task

There are two easy ways of organising an IELTS Writing Part Two task:

Format 1- the pros and cons/ for and against/ advantages and disadvantages method

Paragraph 1

Why the question is important or interesting/ Analyse what the question means and how it can be broken up. Then maybe say how the rest of your essay is organised (see below) or what the next paragraph will be about

Paragraph 2

Points for/ Points agreeing with the statement in the question

Paragraph 3

Points against/ Points disagreeing with the statement in the question

Paragraph 4

Conclusion stating whether you think it is good or bad/ agree with the statement in the question (for the first time, don’t state this earlier!) and why

PTO for the second method


Format 2- Opinion piece


Paragraph 1

After maybe saying how you understand the question or why you think it is important or interesting, say if you agree or disagree with the statement/ if you think it is a good or bad idea, and why. Then maybe say what each paragraph below will be about.

Paragraph 2

After maybe saying what will be in this paragraph, give one piece of evidence supporting your view, then examples or further evidence that is in the same category or closely related.

Paragraph 3

Switch to a completely different type of evidence that supports your view, with maybe further evidence and/ or examples.

In other paragraphs, do the same, making sure that each paragraph has a totally new topic and maybe starting some paragraphs with the opposite view and knocking down that argument during the paragraph.

Last paragraph

Restate your viewpoint, and give a very brief summary of the views above that support that view, using different words if possible. Maybe soften that with an acknowledgement that there are counterarguments/ people who think other ways and/ or a chance that your judgement could change in the future (for example if you receive further evidence)

One more tip on paragraphing

As each paragraph should be a new topic, you should try to avoid starting paragraphs with expressions like “moreover” and “what’s more”.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Planning an IELT Academic Writing Part Two task

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