Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 15 roleplays

Roleplay the following situations with at least four lines per conversation, paying attention to how and how often you say thank you.

 Someone has helped you carry a heavy box to your office.

 You’ve spent the weekend on your boss’s yacht.

 A colleague has helped you write a report.

 An ex-colleague invites you to a restaurant and pays the bill

 You are finishing your annual appraisal with your boss

 A colleague is showing you how to use a computer program

 A supplier sent you a birthday message. This is the first time since then that you’ve spoken

 Buy two or three things in a newsagent’s (e.g. cigarettes, a magazine and some chewing gum)

 A supplier has come to your office for a meeting. Roleplay the start of the meeting.

 Phone reception and ask to speak to someone. They are not there.

 You took sick leave on Friday. You are arriving at the office on Monday morning.

How could you sound sympathetic in the last roleplay above?

What would you say to a colleague or friend who complained about these things?

 Doing too much overtime

 Feeling guilty about taking time off

 Stress

 Not getting enough training

 A strict deadline


PDF version for easy printing: Business Result Pre Unit 15 roleplays

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