Next weekend bluff

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 2

When your partner asks you about next weekend, choose an answer from below. They will ask you more questions about that thing, then guess whether your answers were true or not.

Take some photos

See someone famous

Buy some clothes

Change your image

Something humiliating

Something irritating

Participate in a performance

Something you can’t stand

Something weird

Something you’re not keen on

Go clubbing

Chill out

Go out with someone

Watch the telly

Something you are dreading

Visit a convent

Be in the limelight

Have cosmetic surgery

Be up to your eyes in work

Have cosmetic surgery

Meet someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time

Meet someone’s parents for the first time

How would you feel if you were going to be in the last two situations?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Next weekend bluff

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