Participle clauses games, worksheets, videos and songs

Adding to sentences with present participles and past participles PDFs and teaching ideas. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Photocopiable participle clauses classroom activities

Participle clauses personalised sentence completion games (things in common, guessing and bluffing) – NEW

Participle clauses storytelling game

Participle clauses dominoes (the most logical activity for this grammar point, although only 12 dominoes and no further stages, so only really long enough to be a warmer – from ELT Base)

Participle clauses speaking (only six discussion questions including this grammar and mixed with two related TPR instructions, with no further analysis etc, but could be useful to help make your own similar activities – from ELT Base)

Chucky’s participle clauses (I’d avoid Chucky and anyway the vid is missing, but two nice ideas in using participle clauses to make their own horror stories and playing a job guessing game, as long as you made and gave example hints for each job – on Tim’s Free Lesson Plans)

Participle clauses box game (fairly boring writing exercise slightly livened by playing to make boxes – from International House)

Participle clauses songs

She’s Leaving Home by the Beatles (present participles only, and not used in a very conventional way – link to lyrics)

Participle clauses video activities

Participle clauses video activity (great activity on iSLcollective, just needs one more later stage where students try to remember the participle clauses that they just completed)

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Updated 8 October 2022