Xmas vocabulary speculating games

With modals of possibility/ probability/ deduction

Xmas vocabulary line by line drawing game

Choose one thing from below and draw just one line of that thing, so that it is very difficult to guess what you are drawing. Your partner will guess with a sentence like that below, including how sure or unsure they are. If they are right about their level of certainty or uncertainty, give them a point. If they can’t make a positive sentence, they will make a negative sentence with “It can’t…” about something which doesn’t match your line. Give them half a point for correct use of “It can’t…” Draw one more line, and your partner will do the same again, probably with a more certain sentence. Sentences cannot be repeated, but the game guess with more certainty is fine. Continue until the picture can only be one thing and so your partner can use “It must be…” This time give or take away two points depending on what you think about their sentence, then say what your picture is.

Useful phrases for guessing

It can’t be… (because…)

It could possibly be…

It might be/ It may be…

It might well be/ It may well be…

It’s probably…

It must be…


Useful phrases for giving feedback on the guesses

You’re right. I can’t be… (because…) Half a point.

Yes, it could possibly be/ might be/ may well be/ probably is. One point.

Well, maybe, but you can’t say probably because… (so no points).

Well, it’s might be… but you can’t say “It must be” because… (so minus two points).

No, you can’t say “It must be” because… and actually it’s… (so minus two points).

Yes, it must be… (because…) Two points.


Ask about any vocabulary you can’t understand.

Xmas vocabulary hint by hint guessing game

Play a similar game, but with one hint each time instead of drawing one line.

Example hints

It’s green.

It’s big.

It’s not popular in this country.

It’s made from paper./ It’s made of paper.

It has wings.

You can eat it.

It’s hot.

It’s sweet.


  • advent calendar
  • angel
  • box of chocolates
  • Brazil nut
  • candle
  • candy cane
  • carrot
  • champagne
  • chestnut
  • chimney
  • Christmas cake
  • Christmas card
  • Christmas pudding
  • Christmas stocking
  • Christmas tree
  • elf
  • fairy
  • fireplace
  • firework
  • holly
  • ice skating rink
  • ice skate
  • kite
  • letter to Santa
  • mashed potato
  • mince pie
  • mulled wine/ glühwein
  • nutcracker
  • party popper
  • present
  • reindeer
  • roast chicken
  • roast potato
  • roast turkey
  • Santa
  • Santa’s hat
  • Santa’s sack
  • ski
  • sleigh/ sled/ sledge
  • snowball
  • snowboard
  • snowman
  • star
  • winter hat/ woolly hat
  • winter scarf/ woolly scarf
  • wreath


PDF – Xmas speculating games modals practice




Modals of probability/ possibility/ deduction page