Tastes in common

Landmark Advanced Unit 9

 Part A: Last weekend

Try to find things that you did last weekend that you think your partner would like. Describe those things and see if they agree that it’s their kind of thing.


and/ or


Find things that your partner did but wasn’t too keen on last weekend and try to recommend them something better. Do they think they will like your recommendation?


Part B: Tastes in general

Do the same with more general things that you would recommend for your partner.


Try to find tastes (likes and dislikes) in common with your partner


Possible topics

Music                                                           Colours

Hairstyles                                                    Fashion

Films                                                            Games

Sports                                                           Food and drink

Places                                            Shops

People (celebrities, types of men and women, looks, personalities etc)

Hobbies                                                       Holidays

Possible questions

How do you feel about…?

What’s your reaction to…?

What kind of… do you like?

What’s your favourite…?

I think you’d like… It’s like (= similar to)…, but…

Have you ever heard of/ tried…? Well, it’s a bit like that but…

Possible reactions

(not) my kind of thing                  (not) (really) into

keen on                                                       love/ adore

hate                                                             (utterly) detest/ despise              

gone off                                                       can’t stand/ can’t bear

have come to like                                       got used to

once in a while                             for a change

not my cup of tea                                       don’t really like

really don’t like                             don’t mind

overrated                                                    it turns my stomach

You are going to hear some extracts of music. Find out as much as you can about your partner’s tastes and then predict whether they like each extract or not.


PDF version for easy printing: TastesInCommonSpeaking

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