Determiners games, worksheets, songs and flashcards

Updated 18 May 2018

Index pages in this section

Articles games, worksheets, flashcards and songs (for just a, an and the)

Articles on teaching determiners (see the link above for articles on teaching articles)

Fun for all the family 3- quite a few games for articles and determiners

Photocopiable determiners classroom activities

Determiners pairwork game

Email determiners pairwork

IELTS Speaking and Writing determiners pairwork

Presentations language determiners pairwork (also one of the few ways I’ve found of bringing pairwork into a presentations class)

Emailing and telephoning determiners pairwork

BULATS Writing determiners pairwork

Prepositions and determiners pairwork game

Academic discussions prepositions and determiners pairwork – NEW

Phrases for FCE Speaking Part Two prepositions, determiners, brainstorming and key words – NEW LINK

IELTS Speaking prepositions and determiners pairwork guessing game– NEW LINK

Academic English prepositions and determiners pairwork

Reports prepositions/ determiners pairwork

Meetings and negotiations determiners and prepositions game (an early version without being split into sections and Student A/ Student B)

Other determiners games/ worksheets

Language problems with so, such, too and enough

Problems with some and any speaking

Problems with too and not enough practice and presentation

Determiners with countable and uncountable nouns

Problem hotels pairwork (some and any)

Some/ Any bananas code game

Starting presentations determiners practice


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