Hedging and generalising games/ worksheets

Making generalisations and not overgeneralising PDFs and teaching tips. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 8 June 2022

Teaching hedging/ generalising article

How to teach hedging/ generalising – LINK UPDATED

Lists of useful hedging/ generalising language

See the article above and the brainstorming activities below

Photocopiable hedging/ generalising classroom materials

Learning and using English ranking language practice (generalising language)

Stronger and weaker hedging language

Generalising about Xmas and the New Year

Environmental generalisations and recommendations (including ranking quantifiers, adverbs of frequency, and strong and weak recommendations)

Health and exercise generalisations and recommendations (ditto)

Hedging and quoting sources

Agree on sentences using the hedging/ generalising language

Generalising/ hedging key words and collocations game

Hedging/ generalising phrases brainstorm into the gaps

Academic Word List hedging/ generalising practice

Hedging/ generalising academic speaking and writing practice

Academic Writing tips generalising practice

Change the statements about the media with hedging language

A report on weekends

Cultural generalisations

Add hedging language to the tips on presentations

Travel and transport avoiding absolute statements (for IELTS Graduation, but adaptable)

Transport around the world discussion, listening and generalising (ditto)

Korean cultural codewords

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Writing reports page


Modals of probability/ possibility


Adverbs of frequency

Academic English

Supporting your arguments

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