British culture games, worksheets and flashcards

Updated 22 November 2017

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Lists of useful language

The 250 most useful British abbreviations – NEW

250 British acronyms – NEW

Photocopiable British culture classroom activities for EFL learners

Guess the meaning of the British body language and gestures

British and Japanese Xmas and New Year

Explaining festivals and celebrations (starting with Xmas and New Year, specific to Britain and Japan, but easily adaptable with other countries)

Vocabulary for describing British life list dictation

British food speculating game

Present Simple British cultural customs bluffing game

Transport in the UK modals trivia quiz

British culture flashcards

Scottish things picture flashcards


2 Responses to British culture games, worksheets and flashcards

  1. I’ve been trying to find the place in the UK where they do fish slapping and it can only be traced in Indonesia. Do you know where exactly it takes place?

  2. alexcase says:

    No idea, sorry. Stole most of these from an EFL textbook years ago, and they never said where any of the places were.

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