Your weekend Functional language Version 2

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 4

Ask about your partner’s weekend and use as many of the expressions below as you can to react to what they say. If your partner agrees that it is a suitable reaction, you can cross off any box you use.


 That’s a shame  I envy you  That’s sounds awful
 Oh dear  Oh well  You poor thing
 I know what you mean  That must’ve been awful  You’ve only got yourself to blame
 That sounds delicious  I really must try that some day  That’s such a coincidence. I…
 I don’t believe it!  That’s a pity  I’m sorry to hear that.
 Lucky you!  Better luck next time!  That sounds wonderful
 It serves you right  You’re joking  You’re kidding!
 So, what happened?  That was lucky!  Wow!
 Congratulations  That sounds relaxing  You must be very proud


What things people say are likely to get these responses?

“Oh well”

“You poor thing”/ “That must be awful”

“I know what you mean”

“It serves you right”/ “You’ve only got yourself to blame”

What about for physical problems?

Read the conversations on page 34 and compare them with your ideas.


PDF version for easy printing: YourWeekendFunctions2

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