Short answers noughts and crosses game

In pairs, decide who is “noughts” and so will start the game and draw “O” on the board and who will be “crosses” and so draw “X”, perhaps by flipping a coin or doing rock paper scissors. Your teacher will tell you which board or boards below you should use or how you should choose which to use. Take turns asking Yes/ No questions. If you get a response on the board, you can draw your symbol on that mark. You get one point for each (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) straight line of three or more squares you put your own mark on, and a bonus point for having more of your mark than your partner on the whole board when you stop the game. 

When you have played the game once or twice, make another board for another group to play the same game with.

Board 1 

Yes, I do.


Yes, I am. Yes, I can. Yes, I have.
Yes, he does. Yes, he is. Yes, he can. Yes, he has.
Yes, she does. Yes, she is. Yes, she can. Yes, she has.
Yes, they do. Yes, they are. Yes, they can. Yes, they have.


 Board 2

Yes, I do.


No, I’m not. Yes, I can. No, I have-n’t.
No, he does


Yes, he is. No, he can’t. Yes, he has.
Yes, she does. No, she isn’t. Yes, she can. No, she hasn’t.
No, they don’t. Yes, they are. No, they can’t. Yes, they have.


 Board 3

Yes, I do.


Yes, I am. Yes, I can. Yes, I have.
Yes, I did. Yes, I was. Yes, there is. Yes, there are.
Yes, I will. Yes, I would


Yes, there


Yes, there


Yes, I could. Yes, I had. Yes, there will. Yes, there would


 Blank board for students to make their own games out of 


PDF version for easy saving and printing: short-answers-noughts-and-crosses