Likes and dislikes games, worksheets, songs and stories

50 like and don’t like PDFs and teaching ideas. If you like anything here and would like more, please support TEFLtastic.

Index pages in this section

Like and would like games/ worksheets page (for contrasting and using both forms)

Articles on teaching likes and dislikes

How to teach the language of likes and dislikes – LINK UPDATED

15 games for likes and dislikes

Favourites in EFL classes (including lyrics of a likes and favourites song) – LINK UPDATED

The two likes and dislikes blocks games near the end of this article – LINK UPDATED

How to teach like and be like – LINK UPDATED

How to teach like, be like and look like – LINK UPDATED

Lists of useful likes and dislikes language

Likes and dislikes language list (in order of usefulness, at the beginning of this article) – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable likes and dislikes classroom activities

Likes and dislikes guessing objects game

Adverbs of frequency and likes/ dislikes guessing game

Present Continuous and like with -ing sounds and questions

Choosing holidays for your partner like and can practice (with names of places and kinds of holidays)

Present Continuous and like with ing personalised speaking dice game

Likes and dislikes and countable/ uncountable

Like and be like Xmas questions

Present Continuous and like with ing Xmas questions games

Likes and dislikes things in common sentence completion games 

House and home likes, dislikes and recommendations

Likes and dislikes guessing game

There is/ are and like/ don’t like games

Do you like categories personalised pelmanism

Does he/ she like pick and draw game

Likes and dislikes TPR coin game

Like and don’t like coin games

Being positive and negative about food from other countries (likes and dislikes, describing food, and country and nationality words)

Like and be like games

Do you like animals pelmanism

Nationality words like and don’t like bluff

Do you like and does he like categories coin game

Like and don’t like alphabet coin guessing games

He likes/ She likes games (with family vocabulary and short answers)

Like and don’t like personalised speaking dice game (with extension for like + activities with -ing)

Favourites drawing dice game

Favourites making sentences alphabet challenge dice game

Likes and dislikes ladder game

Do you like…? ladder game (a yes/ no question version of the game above)

How many people like….?

Likes and dislikes survey game (a simpler version of the game above)

Family, favourites and possessive S guessing games

Likes and dislikes songs

Do you like broccoli ice cream? from SuperSimpleLearning (video on YouTube animated with flashcards, main page on their website with lyrics and teaching ideas, flashcards)

I like… but it’s not my favourite in my teaching favourites article above.

Some websites also recommend My Favourite Things from Sound of Music, but it doesn’t have much actual use of likes and dislikes expressions and the vocabulary is very obscure.

Likes and dislikes books/ stories

Ketchup on Your Cornflakes

Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli (video of book read aloud) – LINK FIXED

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss (videos of book read aloud and animation) – NB: Book mixes up “would like” and “like” without any clear difference, so not suitable if you want to show the difference

Related pages

Like as a preposition page

Food for young learners page

Food for adults page

Functional language main page

Updated 28 September 2022

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