Is it a/ an with adjectives pick and draw

Lift Off 1 Unit 5/ Take Off 1 Unit 5 

Your partner will make a question using the cards below. If you say “Yes, it is”, they will draw that thing. You can also say “No, it isn’t. It’s…” and change one part of what was in their question. For example, if they ask “Is it a pink nose?”, you can reply “No, it isn’t. It’s a purple nose” or “No, it isn’t. It’s a pink ear”. Blank cards can be used to add other words, e.g. “gold” or “peach”. You can’t change both parts, so you can’t reply with “No, it isn’t. It’s a purple ear” if no part of that was in the question. Your partner will then draw what you said. Then make a question for your partner to answer, and draw the right thing.

Continue until your teacher stops you, then your teacher or someone from another group will try to guess what the pictures show with “Is it…?”


Cards to cut up

Is it
a an
angry big/ large black
brown cold colourless
dark blue fat green
happy hot cute/ pretty
light green little/ small long
orange pink purple
red sad short
sick/ ill sleepy/ tired ugly
tall thin tired
yellow old new/ young


bag banana bed


bird book bus




camera car cat


clock cup dog


door ear egg


finger fish fork
French fry


glass hamburger hand


head horse jacket


kite leg lemon


motorbike mouse mouth


orange pear pen


pig pineapple pizza


rabbit sandwich skirt


spoon strawberry table


television tie T-shirt


whiteboard window  






Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. It’s
a an


PDF for easy saving and printing: Is it a an with adjectives pick and draw Lift Off 1 Unit 5

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