Mark Bezos A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Fire Fighter TED Talk worksheet

Keynote Intermediate Unit 1

Prediction questions

The video is about someone who works as head of development for a non-profit called Robin Hood but is also assistant captain of a volunteer fire company.

 What are the duties of a firefighter (including volunteer firefighters)?/ What does a firefighter have to do?

Which of those things are the most important duties? What other less important things does a firefighter have to do?

 How does the fire service decide which firefighters get the biggest responsibilities?


Watch the video for the first time and answer the questions below:

What was the bigger responsibility?

What was the smaller responsibility?

Who got each responsibility?

How was that decided?

How did each person (probably) feel at the time?

How does the speaker feel now about his responsibility? Why did his feelings change?

What lesson does the speaker draw from the experience?

Who is being talked about in each sentence below?

 have to get to the fire scene pretty early to get in on any action

be the second volunteer on the scene

have a very engaging conversation with the homeowner

have one of the worst days of her life

stand outside in the pouring rain, under an umbrella

arrive just before me

get to the captain first

asked to go inside and save the homeowner’s dog

stunned with jealousy

get to tell people that he went into a burning building to save a burning building

wave me over

pretty much done putting out the fire

no hero

gotten her a pair of shoes

be witness to acts of generosity and kindness on a monumental scale

achieve or are on their way to achieving remarkable levels of success

serve food at a soup kitchen

clean up a neighbourhood park

get in the game

save the shoes


Feedback on Mark Bezo’s presentation skills

What information was in the (personal) introduction? Why do you think he chose that information? Would you add, cut or change any info?


Is there a hook in the presentation? Was one necessary? Why/ Why not?


Did the presenter have an aim? If so, what was it, and do you think he achieved it (with that audience on that day)?


Did the presenter say anything specific to the situation and/ or audience on that day? What can doing that achieve? Do you think he achieves that thing?


How did the presenter finish the presentation? Are there any other ways which are just as good or better?


What was good about the presenter’s body language? What are other tactics for good body language?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Mark Bezos A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Fire Fighter TED Talk worksheet

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