Challenges 1 Modules 1 to 5 Rotating Board Game

Jobs of people in your partners’ families

“I’m feeling…” (mime and say the sentence)

“He/ she is … ing (…)”

Things Mr Bean did in “Mind the Baby Mr Bean”


Languages in different countries

“You… every day” 


Nationalities of real people (only use each word once)

True sentences about your partners’ houses

True sentences about the weather in Seoul

True sentences about your partners’ kitchens

True sentences about your partners’ families

Different kinds of birds

Different kinds of hairstyle

“In Antarctica…” 

“In this room there are…”

“You can’t… in a museum”

“In this room there is some…”

“You can… in a museum”

“In this classroom there is a…”

“You always/ almost always/ usually/ often/ sometimes/ hardly ever/ never…” (use each word only once)

“In this classroom there isn’t any….”

“Let’s go on the ________” (one point for each time your partner says yes to going on an amusement park ride

“In this classroom there aren’t any…”

“… is/ are dangerous”

“… studies… at school”

“Drinking… is unhealthy”

“In your school you have to…”

“Eating… is healthy”

Hairstyles of famous people (only use each hairstyle word once)

“… is into…” (= “… is interested in…”

“Those are…s”

“In your school, you mustn’t…”

Students can move one square for each correct statement they make matching the square that they are on, stopping any time they make a mistake or pause too long. Students can move clockwise or anticlockwise, maybe different in different groups). You can set a maximum moves in one go, e.g. six squares per turn.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Challenges 1 Modules 1 to 5 Rotating Board Game

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