Pre-Intermediate letter punctuation practice

                                                                                     alex case
333 dorset road
se19 3lj  

24 september 1998

dear jane


hi how are you my names alex im a student from london i want to write to you to find out about your life and country do you think thats a good idea

first i would like to tell you about my family i have three sisters their names are sam liz and esther sam and liz are nurses and esther is a student my father is an architect and my mother is a housewife they all live in a town called seaford on the south coast of England
i like living in london its a very interesting city with lots of things to do and see my favourite places in london are st jamess park and the tate gallery
i live in a flat with two other people my flat has three bedrooms a bathroom a toilet and a kitchen there isnt a dining room or a living room but the bedrooms are quite big
i dont really have many hobbies but last week i started french lessons and rock climbing lessons in my spare time i also like swimming going to the gym reading novels and watching art movies
now i would like to ask you some questions what is your family like do you have any brothers or sisters if so what do they do
please tell me something about your town how big is it do you think its a nice place is it interesting for young people do many tourists go there


i would also like to know something about your country how are the people in your country different to the english what is the traditional food and drink what is the weather like


i hope you will write back to me very soon



PDF version for easy printing: LetterPunctuation

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