OA past tenses

In the past people wrote documents using a ________, but nowadays we write using a ___________

In the past people always had ___________ face to face, but nowadays __________ is also possible.

In the past people designed buildings etc using a __________ and paper, but nowadays most professionals design with a ______________ on their computers

In the past people made multiple copies of documents by writing on ___________, but nowadays we make copies using a ___________

In the past people sent urgent messages by using a __________, but nowadays people send most information by __________

In the past, people made fast calculations using an _____________ or a __________. Nowadays, people make calculations using a _________________.


Slide rule







CAD CAM program

Carbon paper


E mail


PDF version for easy printing: OAPastTenses

2 Responses to OA past tenses

  1. mabel says:

    Sorry I dont know the meaning of “OA”

  2. alexcase says:

    That might be a sign that this worksheet isn’t suitable for your students then…, but anyway it stands for “Office Automation”, meaning stuff like photocopiers.

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