Social Science vocabulary Sharing personal experiences bluff game

Choose one of the topics below and tell your partner about your true or made up personal experiences of that thing. After maybe asking for details, they will try to guess if your story is:

– Completely made up

– Completely true

– A mix of made up and true details

If it is the final one above, they can also try to guess which details were true and which were made up.

1. Addiction

2. Advantages of religious belief

3. Animal control problems

4. Body image problems

5. Bullying

6. Changes caused by globalisation

7. Charities/ NGOs

8. Class differences

9. Community activism

10. Conformity

11. Consequences of an ageing population

12. Consequences of immigration

13. Consequences of terrorism

14. Corruption

15. Counter cultures

16. Data protection problems

17. Discrimination

18. Gender differences

19. Hard drugs

20. Health scares

21. Homelessness

22. Industrial action

23. Inequality

24. Negative attitudes to popular culture

25. Organised crime

26. Petty crime

27. Political extremism

28. Poverty

29. Prescription drugs

30. Problems caused by alcohol

31. School violence

32. Sexual harassment

33. Single member households

34. Social isolation

35. Specifically Japanese social problems

36. Stress-related illness

37. The internet (or access to part of it) being controlled

38. Vandalism


PDF for easy saving and printing: Social Science sharing experiences game

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