Education and work things in common

Try to find things that are the same between you and your partner which match the topics of jobs and studies. As you are quite different, you’ll have to ask some more unusual questions and include the past and future!

Some ideas for questions to ask


Have you ever studied…?

Did you study… at…?

What was your favourite/ least favourite subject at…?

What was your best/ worst subject at…?

What did you think about/ How did you feel about…?

Did you find… interesting/ difficult/ boring?

How many jobs have you had?

Were you good at/ bad at…?

Did you pass/ fail…?

Did you go to cram school/ university/ after school clubs?

How long did you…?

How long have you been…ing?


How often do you…?

How long do you spend…?/ How many hours a week do you…?

Are you studying…?

What time do you…?

Why are you studying (English/…)?

Do you like…?

Do you find… interesting/ difficult/ boring?


What (language/ subject) would you like to study next?

Do you (ever) want to do a Masters/ PhD?

Do you think you will study abroad?

Do you have any plans to study abroad?

Are you going to continue studying here?

What job would you like in the future?

When do you think you will change jobs?

What will you be doing in…?

Would you like to set up your own business/ be a housewife/ be a civil servant/…?


PDF for easy saving and printing: EducationAndWorkThingsInCommon

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