New Hway Pre U11/ 12 Chewing gum roleplays

(This designed to link New Headway Pre-Intermediate Units 11 and 12 by combining the topic of chewing gum, the functional language from page 101, and the second conditional)

1. You are a Singapore immigration officer and you find some chewing gum in your partner’s luggage (Chewing gum isn’t allowed in Singapore)
2. You sat on some chewing gum your partner left on your chair
3. Your partner has bad breath so you want them to chew some gum (but don’t tell them that their breath smells)
4. You can’t understand what your partner is saying because they are chewing gum while they are speaking
5. Your partner is making lots of noise chewing so you can’t concentrate on your homework
6. Your partner has a job interview in 10 minutes but has chewing gum on his or her trousers. Try to help them or make them feel better.
7. You have just discovered the world’s oldest chewing gum. Tell your best friend about it
8. Your partner works for Wrigley’s chewing gum company and is going to give a very important presentation on a new kind of chewing gum to their boss. They are feeling nervous about it, so give them some encouraging words.
9. You work for a market research company. Your partner is a stranger passing in the street. Try to stop them to ask them five questions about their use of chewing gum.

Functional language
a) What’s the difference between “sorry”, “pardon” and “excuse me”?

b) What can you say when someone has good news?

c) What can you say when someone has bad news?

d) Use similar language to complete the dialogues on page 101

e) Listen and check

f) Read the dialogues at the same time as the tape to improve your pronunciation and speaking speed

g) Practice the conversations in pairs, covering first the last line of the dialogue, then the last two lines, then the last three lines etc.

h) Change one thing in each of the dialogues to make it wrong and read it to another team to see if they can hear what you have changed (with their books closed)

i) With a different partner, roleplay the same situations with your books closed, using this information to help you remember what you have to say (you don’t need to use the same words):
i. Someone who is wearing a walkman is standing in your way in the supermarket
ii. Your partner tells you about their wedding, but you are away on holiday on the day it is taking place
iii. You are late, and your partner is searching for things he or she doesn’t need
iv. You have an exam in a few minutes, and are talking about your activities before and after the exam

v. What would you do or say in each of these situations?
i) Your friend is marrying someone who you think is not a good choice for them
ii) Your friend says they can’t come to your wedding because they are going to a football match on that day
iii) Someone is standing in your way and won’t move even after you ask a few times
iv) Your friend wants to go for one beer to relax before an exam


PDF version for easy printing and saving: Chewing gum roleplays

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