Silent letters games, worksheets, stories and songs

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Updated 11 September 2020

Teaching silent letters articles

How to teach silent letters

Lists of words with silent letters

400 words with silent letters, arranged by level

Photocopiable silent letters classroom activities

Silent letters secret message code game – NEW

Words with silent letters hangman

Words with silent letters the same or different (with homophones and minimal pairs)

Silent letters and homophones reversi memory game

Silent letters storytelling activity

Silent letters odd one out game

Business English Silent Letters and Syllables

and more coming soon

Silent letters picture books

Silent Letters Loud and Clear (much too long, some such as magic E are not good examples, not graded, and the story is not great, but could select a few things from it)

Silent letters songs

Silent Letters Make No Sound song (really a chant, but with a catchy chorus and easy to add your own examples to)

Silent K Song (more spoken than sung, but nice and simple)

That’s Why You’ll Never Hear the K Again song (nice idea for a story, good tune and okay vid, but a bit long for the very few examples)

Silent Letters are Sneaky song (nice country and western tune, but too little time giving examples and they missed a trick by not having the letters in the video all in context within words, so not really useable as it is)