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Welcome to England

“I did not fully understand the dread term ‘terminal illness’ until I saw Heathrow for myself” Dennis Potter

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Do no harm? Part Two

“In my second-year French class, I had to keep a journal. I could only say stupid things: ‘I got up at six. I ate breakfast. It’s cold. I’m tired.’ I was reduced to making these idiotic statements because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Even celebrities hate TEFLers

“The year before was a bloody disaster – I was rambling around the streets of Los Angeles, drinking way too many frappucinos and wondering what the hell I was doing here. I had no work and my mother was threatening … Continue reading

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Goddess English

‘A FORTNIGHT ago, in a poor village in Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, work began on a temple dedicated to Goddess English. Standing on a wooden desk was the idol of English — a bronze figure in robes, wearing a … Continue reading

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Something chewy from Jeremy Harmer

“…before you get too starry-eyed about the functional-notional approach… it would be good to remember Chris Brumfit’s worry that teaching formulaic ‘doing-things-with-language’ was a way of trying to force students to say things that WE wanted them to say, rather … Continue reading

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Losing your students in the blink of an eye

“The psychologist Nalini Ambady once gave students three ten-second videotapes of a teacher- with the sound turned off- and found that they had no difficulty at all coming up with a rating of the teacher’s effectiveness. Then Ambady cut the … Continue reading

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Michael J Wallace on science, theory and practice

All from Training Foreign Language Teachers, most of which seems to be viewable on Google Books here. “Atkins points out that craftsmen in metallurgy have been successfully making metals for hundreds of years, with apprentices learning from masters. However, the … Continue reading

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From the latest book on technology in education

“we live in the Computer Age, and you need to get with the program. You are standing in the airport terminal of life, and the jet plane of teaching technology is about to take off. You must make a choice: … Continue reading

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The CLT robot

“I suppose that in the not too distant future this sort of hopping from group to group and ‘listening in’ can be taken over by some language-surveillance computer or robot. This device would hover above the participants, the symbolic meaning … Continue reading

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ELTJ in defence of textbooks Part One

There’s been a lot of online chatter on the topic of textbooks recently, all of which are neatly linked to by a recent Turklish TEFL blog post. As if to prove that the online world is just a faster and … Continue reading

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