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My articles organised by where I published them. These are all also listed by topic here (ptobably much more usefully). If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 27 March 2022

Index pages

MET magazine

ETP magazine


Other people’s blogs

Other places

Humanizing Language Teaching (hltmag)

An incredibly simple and effective marking scheme for young learners

Don’t do anything for students that they can do for themselves

Natural Interactions

Humanising exam classes

Macmillan Latin America
Skyline Elementary Business Resource Pack 2- Elementary level resource pack to make general English book useable with a Business English class or students. Like Reward Business Resource packs, but with CD (Main writer, with additional work by one other person)

Express Publishing
Did writing and editing work on one of the lower level Blockbuster textbooks for teenage students

ABAX Newsletter

TEFL on the Net

ELT Newsletter

The Advanced Teaching Certificate

IATEFL Issues magazine
More word bag activities (Vocabulary revision games)

Answer me!

ARELS Arena magazine
The Museum of the English Language (something that is actually going to happen, but don’t know if anyone involved read this article…)

Applied Linguistics Website
How was the Dip? A personal reflection on the DELTA – LINK FIXED
Reading= speaking- bringing graded readers into the classroom
Boring things with songs– making gap fills, exam practice etc. fun by using songs with adult classes
The teacher and inanimate objects– organizational tips to save preparation time and make sure you don’t forget anything you need for your classes
Time management for teachers
Setting up activities with young learners
Making personal questions for young learners fun

Shane Language Schools newsletter
The best kids’ games ever 1- Variations on “stations” – the classic energy raiser

The best kids’ games ever 2- Variations on “slap”, the simplest flashcard game

The best kids’ games ever 3- Variations on “catch”

The best kids’ games ever 4- Variations on “sticky ball”

The best kids’ games ever 5- Variations on “reveal”

The best kids’ games ever 6- Variations on “tag”

11 Good reasons for using songs with pre-school children (and one quite foolish one) – tips on how to exploit easy-to-use and less easy-to-use action songs, with examples from FAB Red

A song filled kids’ lesson with FAB Yellow- that “difficult second album”

Japanese English and common student errors Part One- classifying errors

Japanese English and common student errors Part Two- “made in Japan” English expressions

All singing, all dancing kindergarten English lessons

OUP website

Further teaching suggestions for the Oxford Practice Grammar

genki English

Teaching ideas from the Longman English Celebration

Keltic books website

Pre-reading for the LCCI Certificate in Teaching English for Business

Preparing to teach children- A Cambridge YL extension to CELTA/ CELTYL Pre-reading guide

DELTA Pre-reading guide

CELTA Pre-reading guide

4 Responses to Publications by place

  1. Laurent says:

    that’s a big ol’ list. When did you publish in the Shane newsletter? i think i must have missed that, wouldn’t mind checking it out if it’s somewhere online – i’m struggling to integrate lessons into my classes, outside of some i’ve made up/tweaked and keep rehashing :(.

  2. Alex Case says:

    You’re reading my mind. Plan to put links to all the articles mentioned on here, including putting the Shane ones up. Will start on that right now….

  3. Laurent says:

    cool. good luck with that, sounds like a bit of a herculean task going by that list – and i know how tedious that kinda work can be at times. Look fwd to being able to check them though!

  4. Alex Case says:

    Laurent, couple of song ones Shaney articles up, more games ones to come soon

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