Present Perfect Continuous and jobs Guess the changes

New Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 13


Say something true about your past, present or future weekends but with the grammar taken out, e.g. “play football”. Your partner has to guess if it is true in your past, present or future, and then try to make a true sentence, e.g. “You used to play football with your friends when you were a child”

Recently changed jobs game

The people below have recently changed their jobs and so their routines have changed. Explain one thing they did before and something different they have been doing recently (e.g. “He used to wear a uniform but recently he’s been wearing ripped jeans and a dirty T shirt”) and see if your partner can guess who you are talking about. 

  Until recently/ used to Recently
1 Policeman Beachcomber
2 Carpenter Supermarket shop assistant
3 Office worker Mature student
4 Mechanic Car designer
5 800 metre runner Marathon runner
6 Artist House painter
7 Babysitter Nurse
8 Dishwasher Chef
9 BA student PhD student
10 Businessman House husband
11 Bin man Gardener
12 Primary school student Secondary school student
13 Priest Ghostbuster
14 University professor President
15 English teacher Pop star
16 English teacher Bestselling author
17 Paperboy Actor
18 Cotton farmer Office worker
19 Taxi driver Lawyer
20 Decorator Ambulance driver
21 Plumber Firefighter
22 Miner Private detective
23 Soldier Farmer
24 Vet Shop assistant
 25 University student living at home Advertising executive

What do you imagine the changes for number 25 would be? Listen to a conversation between that person and his mum (New Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 13 T 13.4) and check.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Pres Perf Simp Cont changes guessing

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  1. Thanks for the activity!


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