Inside Out Upper Intermediate Units 11 and 12 vocabulary Relative Clauses speaking

Choose one of the words below and try to explain it, starting with:

This is a person who/ a thing which/ a place where…


 Whoever guesses which word you are describing first can make a question out of it and ask someone else

brand loyalty                        peer pressure                      rebel

chic                                    fussy                                  nostalgic

haunt                                  see someone else  strip off

heart-throb                           can’t stand                          macho

celebrity gossip mags          tabloid                                 wicked sense of humour

budget                                hype                                   bored stiff/ bored out of my mind

rubbish                                let down                dreadful

trainers                               make fun of                         rude

pester                                 nag                                     jingles

slob                                    dejected                skyscraper

abseiling               gorgeous               beg/ beggar

file for divorce                       flatter/ flattery                      scandal

“no smoke without fire”                                                   the personals/ small ads


Do the same with the new vocabulary below

swot                                   cram                                   playground

finals                                   alumni                                 old school tie (connections)

teacher’s pet                       lines                                   year out/ gap year

class clown                         corporal punishment             re-sit/ retake

scrape through                     by heart/ by rote    fresher

postgraduate                       MA                                     MBA

bottom of the class              put down               fail

top of the class                    PhD/ doctorate                    a straight A student

(student) halls                      single sex school   boarding school

uniform                                tuition fees                          continuous assessment

school trips                         PE                                      RE

cheat                                  flunk                                   drop out

cram school                        entrance test                       HE (= home economics)

score                                  scholarship                          student loans

fall behind                            co-ed

What do you think the following expressions could mean? Work together to write as many possible guesses as possible. If any of your guesses are correct, you will score one point.



sixth form college

tell someone off

Read the Robbie Williams text in the book and check

How would you have dealt with Robbie Williams if you had been his teacher?


What is your definition of a good teacher?


PDF version for easy saving and printing:Inside Out UI Us 11 12 vocab relative clauses

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