Meetings extended speaking and interrupting

Meetings extended speaking and interrupting 

Choose one of the following topics about meetings and talk about it for up to two minutes. Your partner will tell you when you have talked for that long.

Being chair

Taking notes

The minutes

Sticking to the agenda

Small talk in meetings




One to one meetings

Pointless meetings

Cultural differences in meetings

Formal meetings



Decision making in meetings


Do the same, but this time your partner will try to interrupt you as much as they can. At the end of two minutes you will get up to four points depending on how much of that time you spoke, e.g. only two minutes if your partner did half of the speaking.


Interrupting Letting the other person speak Avoiding interruption
Can I just say something here?


Sorry, but…

Can I interrupt you for a moment?

Could I come in here?

I have something to say (on this point)

Go ahead.


Sorry, after you.

I’ll let you finish.


Can I just finish (what I was saying)?


Please let me finish (and then you can speak)

As I was saying…

Where was I?

Could you wait a second?

Do the same, but this time with one person trying to do the introduction for a meeting. Possible stages:

Greeting people as they come into the meeting

Interrupting small talk and getting down to business

Greetings, welcome and thanks for coming

Explaining the reasons for the meeting and the expected outcomes

Saying how long the meeting is going to take

Saying how the meeting will be organised

Mentioning the agenda

Talking about the minutes

Making sure all the participants know each other

Apologies from people who are absent

Introducing the first point of the agenda

Getting the discussion started

What stages from above would you really include in the introduction to a meeting? What order would you usually put them in?

What stages would you have at the start of a teleconference or video conference?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Meetings extended speaking and interrupting

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