Tense review games, worksheets and songs

Past, present and future tenses PDFs and songs. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Tense review songs

Past and present tense review song – Yesterday by the Beatles

Past, present and future tense review song – I Will Survive song

Photocopiable tense review classroom materials

Describing trends tense review (in this bargain e-book)

Past, present and future in IELTS Writing Task One (in this reasonably priced e-book)

Verbs for describing past, present and future trends (in this very reasonable e-book)

Tenses in telephoning phrases review (in this far from expensive e-book)

Past, present and future weekends storytelling

How questions tense review

Small talk tense review (in this really good value e-book)

Past, present and future in IELTS Writing Part One

Past, present or future listening (designed for TOEIC Listening Parts 2, 3 and 4, but also useful in other classes)

Emailing tenses and verb forms review

FCE Use of English Part Two open cloze tense review

Office inventions Tense review and speaking Extended version

Short answers Answer me

Classroom questions auxiliary verbs

Christmas and New Year tense review mimes

Needs analysis auxiliaries tense review

Tense review guess the job

“Punishment” tense review and passives

Present simple/ continuous and tense review verb guessing game

IELTS Speaking topics and tenses

IELTS Speaking Part One tense review

IELTS Speaking Part Two tasks about the past, present and future

So and neither answer me

Tense review Yes game

Things in common Past, present and future

Things in common Tense review

Weekends discussion questions tense review

Weekends Past, present and future

Future and tense review job interview form

Postcards chain writing (consequences) game

Key words in business writing tense review games

BULATS first lesson (needs analysis and tense review)

Business English tense review (and answer key)

Guess the brand tense review

Tenses business trivia quiz

Commodity investments trends game

Tense review guess the job

The language of trends Spot the difference

Tense game (board race idea- ESL Cafe.com)

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Updated 23 July 2022

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