New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 1 to 4 vocabulary revision


the majority of pensioner flirt hang out with
to text someone acquaintance stepmother colleague
to pat struggle with mental arithmetic oxygen
cliff date of birth a relative go out with
gran weird a shame terrible at
As a matter of fact… gorgeous chat bump into
tracksuit bully beat someone up over-enthusiastic
embarrassing get the blame serves you right fairground
upset furious terrified take a wrong turn
a gig the mainland shabby standard of living
cosmopolitan cathedral coral reef the Outback
a patient patient carrier bag antibiotics
to pack sales assistant flatmate an operation
wheelchair ward pick on someone a coward
pathetic stunned varied a sense of humour
to peel disastrous to pour polluted
hostile aboard abroad thunderstorm


New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 1 to 4 vocabulary revision

Teachers’ notes

Possible activities:

1. Students define a word until the others guess which one they are explaining

2. Taboo- Similar, but with students first labelling each card with three words that can’t be said during the explanation (to make it more challenging and fun, and to make them think about the vocabulary more)

3. Storytelling- Students take turns choosing one card to continue the story they are telling

4. Random pelmanism- Students try to explain how pairs of cards are similar, using a different similarity each time (i.e. can’t say “They are both verbs” twice in the same game)


PDF version for easy printing: Cutting Edge Int Mod 1 to 4 vocab

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