Art and media Extended speaking revision board game

Talk about the topic on the board for up to three minutes. How many squares you can move will depend on how long you can speak, one square for every thirty seconds of speaking after taking time off for silence. Maximum six squares. You can use language for informal presentations, e.g. starting and ending phrases, to fill time if you like.  



An artistic medium

Public sculpture

The news the last time you saw, read or heard it

A recent news story


An artist

An artistic style

A media organisation

Media that isn’t suitable for children

An artwork

A comic or cartoon

A photo

Celebrity gossip

A gallery or museum

The TV licence fee

An exhibition

An English language TV series


A recent TV programme

The most important medium

Good and bad things about TV

The importance of art

The future of TV

The future of art

A TV channel

News on the internet

An English language magazine

An English language newspaper

A newspaper


Art education


PDF for easy saving and printing: Art and media rotating revision board game

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