A an the SNAP

Ban Ki Moon is ______ Secretary General of the United Nations

________ suburb

_____ important exam


______ Pacific Ocean

_______ hit movie

He’s _____ Englishman


_____ River Thames

______ bestseller

I’m _______ only child

He’s _______ English

_________ Amazon

When I was ______ kid

He was in _________ accident

________ Mount Everest

_____ English Channel

Just _____ fad

He lives on ________island

________ pollution

_____ USA


He’s _________ New Zealander

Have _____ eye on

_________human rights

______ EU

Have _________ lie in

Ride on ________ elephant

Have __________ lunch

_______ centre of town

Go on ______ daytrip

He’s __________ honest man

Go to ________ school

_______ suburbs

Meet up with ________ few mates

____________ hour lesson

Travel by _______ car

_______ Himalayas

__________ beer or two

He works as __________ assistant

By __________ bus

______ Alps

I spent ________ fortune

He trained as ________ architect

______ Kilimanjaro

_______ Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I went for _________ drive

_________ obvious mistake

_______ punk music

One of ______ biggest

I’d like to buy ______ bigger car

______ unlucky man

_________ Lake Titicaca

________ very smallest

___________ good weekend

He told me ________ epic story

__________ Lake Superior

He’s _______ breadwinner in our family

Have ________ nap

______ epidemic of flu has started

_________ Mars

________ Earth

Half _________ dozen

He’s _______ agricultural engineer

_______East Asia




Photocopy and cut up one pack of cards per three or four students


Students work together to put the cards into four columns by whether they take the, a, an or — (no article)


Students mix up the cards, deal them out, and play SNAP (SNAP being when the two cards take the same article)


PDF for easy saving and printing: A an the SNAP

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