Types of news Needs analysis and sharing personal experiences bluffing game

Choose one of the topics below and tell your partner your true or made up experience(s) of that thing. Perhaps after asking you for more details, they will try to guess whether you have really had that experience or not.

 Activism, e.g. trade unions, industrial action, demonstrations/ protests

 Arts/ Culture

 Bureaucracy/ The public sector/ Public workers

 Business, e.g. corporate scandals, mergers, takeovers, bankruptcies, working conditions

 Charities/ NGOs, e.g. ways of fundraising

 Countercultures/ Youth cultures

 Crime, e.g. illegal drugs, street crime, theft

 Data protection/ Privacy issues, e.g. data theft, identity theft

 Developing countries/ Poverty/ International development

 Domestic politics, e.g. local elections, national elections, MPs

 Economics, e.g. unemployment, underemployment, deflation/ inflation,

 Education, e.g. university entrance exams

 Globalisation, e.g. immigration, multiculturalism, multinational companies, free trade

 Green issues/ The environment, e.g. recycling, hybrid technology

 Health scares, e.g. SARS, bird flu, mad cow disease and H1N1

 Inequality/ Social mobility

 Infrastructure, e.g. dams, new rail lines

 International relations

 Laws/ The police

 Lifestyle, for example health foods, housing, fashion, relationships

 Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis

 Religion/ Cults

 Science and technology

 Social issues, e.g. unemployment, homelessness, social isolation

 Sport

 Tax, e.g. sales tax

 Terrorism/ Anti-terrorism, e.g. aircraft and airport security measures

 The Internet, e.g. e-commerce, social networking,

 The welfare state, e.g. welfare benefits, public housing, public healthcare

 Travel/ Living abroad/ Studying abroad

 Vandalism, e.g. graffiti

Together choose the top five most interesting topics for this class.


PDF for easy saving and printing: News needs and sharing experiences

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