Business Speaking and Listening Needs Analysis

To be completed at home or in class

Which of these skills are most important for you/ in your job (please list from 1 to 7)?

– Speaking

– Listening

– Reading

– Writing

– Pronunciation

– Grammar

– Vocabulary

Which do you need most practise on (top 3)?





For you, does improving your speaking mean…

– Grammatical accuracy

– Pronunciation

– Vocabulary

What level do you aim for your speaking to reach:

– Indistinguishable from a native speaker

– Able to communicate

– Able to communicate easily

– Lose my accent

– Impress people with my pronunciation

– Impress people with my fluency

What would your reaction be if someone said about you ‘He has a really strong accent’?



When you listen to people speak and have difficulty understanding, why exactly is it?

(Please put a number for each from 5- very often true to 1- never true)

– You simply don’t know the words they are using

– You know the words, but don’t recognise them when you hear them

– You recognise the words individually, but miss them when they are put together in linked speech

– When you are concentrating on the meaning of one word, you miss the rest of the sentence

– They are speaking too fast

– They have a particular accent you find difficult


How much of your time is spent speaking to native speakers? _______ %

Where are they from? _______________

What other nationalities do you usually speak English with?


PDF Version for easy printing: BusinessSpListNeeds

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