Family, favourites and possessive S guessing games

Draw one of the things below and see if your partner can say or write the correct sentence about whose favourite it is.

Your favourite sport


Your father’s favourite sport


Your mother’s favourite sport


Your brother’s/ sister’s favourite sport


Your friend’s favourite sport


Your favourite food


Your father’s favourite food


Your mother’s favourite food


Your brother’s/ sister’s favourite food


Your pet’s favourite food


Your favourite drink


Your father’s favourite drink


Your mother’s favourite drink




Your grandfather’s/ grandmother’s favourite drink


Your favourite colour


Your father’s favourite colour


Your mother’s favourite colour


Your brother’s/ sister’s favourite colour


Your favourite season


Your pet’s favourite season


Your favourite animal


Your father’s favourite animal


Your mother’s favourite animal


Your brother’s/ sister’s favourite animal


Your friend’s favourite animal


Do the same, but only saying the name instead of drawing it.

Do the same but for other topics like toys, games, music, etc.


PDF for easy saving and printing: family favourites and possessive s guessing games

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