Pingu’s First Kiss Will for predictions (video 1)

Teacher’s instructions

Put the class into teams and explain the instructions to them. You will pause the video and they have to predict something that will happen shortly after (but not necessarily straight after) the video restarts. Students will get points for being the team the explained what will happen most precisely (or you have give points to all teams that were correct, with more points for teams that are more precise).

Pause at these points (sorry there are no counter timings given, it might be worth going through the video once and writing them down if you can).

Pause when Pingu’s friends are gesturing for him to come

Pause when Pingu stares into the female penguin’s eyes

Pause just before he jumps again

Pause after he jumps and ask what she will do

Pause after she gestures and skates off

Pause after they hold hands with both hands for the first time

Pause after Pingu’s friends go past jeering for the first time

Pause after the sit down next to each other

Pause while they are kissing


PDF for easy saving and printing: PingusFirstKissPredictions

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6 Responses to Pingu’s First Kiss Will for predictions (video 1)

  1. alexcase says:


  2. Andrés Barros says:

    Jejejej that exchange made me laugh.

  3. joys says:

    could you please upload the video ´cause i think the activity it´s really nice, please!!!

  4. alexcase says:

    I’m afraid uploading the video myself would be illegal, but I just Googled “Pingu’s first kiss” and this came up as the top result:

  5. Ana Carolina says:

    Excellent activity!! Thanks

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