Conditionals review sentence completion

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 3

If it rains this evening, ______________________________

If I’d been born a boy/ girl, _____________________________

If I hadn’t got up at all this morning, ________________________

If I didn’t do my homework, _____________________________

If I had been born 100 years ago, _________________________

If I studied more, ______________________________________

If I got into fights at school, ______________________________

If I had x-ray vision, __________________________________

If I wasn’t here. ______________________________________

If the economy gets worse, _______________________________

If I was an ant, _______________________________________

If I was the most beautiful person in the world, _______________

If someone nice tells me that they like me, __________________

If I was president of this country, __________________________

If my investments do well, _______________________________

If I’d started English when I was younger, ___________________

If I could fly, __________________________________________

If I had four arms, ______________________________________

If I’d been a child prodigy, ________________________________

If I’d been born with two heads, __________________________

Teacher’s instructions

Maybe after 5 to 10 minutes to fill in whichever sentences they find most interesting, students read out just the parts they would complete the sentences with and see if their partners can guess which sentence they are talking about.


PDF for easy saving and printing: ConditionalsReviewSentences

Inside Out Upper page

Conditionals page

Sentence completion blog post

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