Pingu the Conjurer Will for predictions (video 2)

Teacher’s instructions

In this version, the students still predict what will happen, but can bet on how sure they are by using a variety of language for predictions, e.g. the phrases below (with points in brackets):

– Will definitely (5 points)

– Will almost certainly (4 points)

– Is/ are likely to (3 points)

– Could/ may well (2 points)

– May/ might (1 point)

Students say their prediction using one of the phrases above and then gain or lose that many points depending on whether their prediction was correct or not. You could also practice stress and intonation of these phrases by making “will DEFINITELY” mean more points than “will definitely” and “miiiiiiiiiiiiight” with extreme up and down intonation mean less points than “might”.

Pause at these points (sorry there are no counter timings given, it might be worth going through the video once and writing them down if you can).

1. Pause while he is kissing her hand

2. Pause just before he bows

3. Pause after he puts the scarf in the tube

4. Pause before the sheet or paper in front of him drops for the first time

5. Pause just before he takes off his hat

6. Pause just before the paper in front of the baby penguin drops

7. Pause each time the paper is on the transformed baby penguin

8. Pause when the paper is taken away and only the body of the snowman is left

9. Pause when he puts the box on the baby penguin

10. Pause when the female penguin and the baby penguin are whispering

11. Pause just before Pingu throws the folded up sheet of paper into the air


PDF version for easy printing: PingusTheConjurerPredictions

2 Responses to Pingu the Conjurer Will for predictions (video 2)

  1. Halime Tosun says:

    Hi thanks for sharing the activites. However, I cannot see where Pingu videos are. Could you reply back for this minor issue of mine?

  2. alexcase says:

    You can find them all on YouTube by Googling their names.

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