Talking about a movie (extended speaking)

Without saying anything, listen to your partner speak as long as they can about one film they have seen. If they talk about any of the topics below, tick that box. When they can’t think of anything else to say, ask them questions about some of the topics that haven’t been ticked. Read through all the categories below before your partner starts speaking.

 Title

 The director/ producer/ scriptwriter/ artistic director

 Genre (= type) of film and whether it is typical of that genre

 Based on a book/ play/ computer game?

 Other films by the same people

 The (main) actors and their performances

 The quality of the dialogue/ script

 Twists in the plot and other parts of the story

 How you felt watching it

 Where you saw it

 Who you saw it with

 How many times you’ve seen it

 Films it is similar to and how they compare

 Sequels and prequels

 The look of the film

 The soundtrack

 Strong and weak points/ Best and worst things about it

 Kinds of people who watched it

 Kinds of people you would recommend it to

 Length

 Stunts and special effects (= SFX)

 Costumes

 Characters

 Setting and scenery

 Period it is set in

 Why you chose this film to speak about

 How you first heard about this film

 Why you decided to go and see it

 If you would see it again

 What reviewers and people you know thought about it

 If it is famous or popular and why/ why not

 Realistic/ believable?

 A classic?

 Things you learnt from this film

 If it has won or is likely to win any prizes, and if you think that is deserved

 Subtitles or dubbing?

 Unique in any way?

 The ending

 Best/ worst/ most memorable scene/ dialogue/ effect

Do the same, but with another art form of your partner’s choosing, e.g. a book or a play, and making up the extra questions you ask them


PDF for easy saving and printing: MoviesMiniPresentation

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