Used To games, worksheets, stories and songs

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Updated 20 June 2022

Teaching Used to article

Practising Used To in class

How to teach used to, be used to and get used to – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable used to classroom activities

Used to trivia quiz

What places used to be called trivia quiz (used to and names of places)

Describing Japanese things Used to practice (idea adaptable for other nationalities)

Past or Present? Used to/ Would speaking game

British customs Used to practice

Modernisation and Westernisation discussion for Used to

Original meanings of technology words Used to practice

What expressions used to mean and where they come from

Politically correct language for Used to

Old fashioned English or Janglish Used to practice (specific to Japanese speakers, but adaptable to other nationalities if you know enough about their typical mistakes)

Past Continuous and Used to bluff

Used to, be used to and get used to discuss and agree

Past and present crime vocabulary and speaking (doesn’t mention “used to”, but bound to bring that language up)

Used to stories/ Used to picture books

Now I Am Big! (opposites and used to – link to read through on YouTube)

Used to songs

YouTube video with short extracts of songs with Used to

The Way We Used to Be by Eric Carmen (link to lyrics)

Used To by Chris Daughtry (link to video on YouTube)

We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire (link to lyrics)

Related pages

Be and get used to page (including contrasting used to with be used to/ get used to)

Past tenses main page

English through history page

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