History games/ worksheets for EFL learners

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Updated 2 October 2019

My articles on the topic of history in ESL classes

Interesting activities and topics about the Middle Ages for ESL classes

Interesting topics and activities about ancient history and prehistory for ESL classes

Combining history topics and English grammar (prepositions, determiners, reference words, passives, reported speech, Present Perfect, Simple Past, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Will, Second Conditional, Third and mixed conditionals, linking words, infinitive of purpose, modals, comparatives)

History themed art, craft and project ideas for ESL students

My history vocabulary flashcards for EFL learners

Medieval vocabulary picture flashcards

My history worksheets for EFL learners

Past and present crime vocabulary and speaking

Past modals history discussion (conspiracy theories)

Third conditional history discussion questions

Old and new inventions random pelmanism

English through history roleplays- Explorers

English through history debate topics

World history second conditional discussion questions

History vocabulary for ESL students- the Middle Ages

IELTS Masterclass history vocabulary

IELTS Speaking on the past and history

Onestopclil history worksheets for EFL learners

Christopher Columbus for primary students

Famous explorers for primary students

George Washington for secondary students

The Cold War for secondary students

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