Going to for plans/ will for spontaneous decisions helping game

Rules of the game: Choose one of the things below and write one thing that will need doing to complete that thing, e.g. for “Have a picnic” you could write “Check the weather forecast”. Tell your partners which thing you are planning (i.e. the part that is written here, not the part you have written). They should make offers to help you until they offer to do the thing you have written down. Score one point for any helpful ideas (and thank them for their help) and 10 points for offering to do the thing that you have written. If you think what they offer to do is not helpful, tell them so politely and they score no points.

Have a picnic

Have a housewarming party

Raise some money for charity

Decorate my house

Have a company/ school cabaret or talent show

Visit a colleague/ classmate/ housemate in hospital

Write a school yearbook

Organise a new _________________ club

Organise a Halloween party.

Decorate the classroom for Xmas.

Write a school/ company newsletter or newspaper.

Arrange a weekend camping trip

Get my baby/ toddler ready to go to the park

Organise a softball/ baseball/ football match between classes or between company departments

Set up a market stall selling handicrafts/ homemade food

Useful language:

“Thanks, that’ll be a great help” (give your partner 1 point)

“Hmm, I’m not sure we need that. Thanks anyway” (give your partner no points)

“That was just what I was thinking of. Thanks a lot.” (give your partner 10 points)



PDF version for easy saving and printing: Going to plans will spontaneous decisions helping game

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  1. admin says:

    Great idea, I will try this!!

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