Whose weekend? warmer

Choose one of the roles below and answer questions about your weekend. How many questions does your partner need to ask before they guess which person you are?

You are your father or mother.
You are a university student in Bologna, a city in the north of Italy, studying foreign languages
You are a postman/ postwoman in the countryside
You are a typical Australian
You are a typical Canadian
You are a 17 year old professional tennis player who lives in Chicago
You are yourself. Answer the questions with facts about your own weekend.
You are a shopkeeper in a small village shop near Oxford in the UK
You are a teenager in Hollywood, LA
You are a typical Parisian
You are a typical Brazilian
You live in the far north of Sweden
You are a English Premiership footballer
You are a pop star
You are a 7 year old British girl
You are a graduate who hasn’t found a job yet
You are an exorcist
You are Steven Spielberg
You are homeless person in London
(Variation 1: Close your eyes and put your finger down on one of the roles to choose which one you will answer as)

(Variation 2: Take the cut up roleplay card your teacher gives you and answer as that person)

What do you think the life of a homeless person in London is like? How do they get money? What is their history before and since they became homeless?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Hway Pre U13 Warmer

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