Your most treasured possession presentations

Listen to your partner’s two or three minute presentation about their most treasured possession without interrupting, and just tick the topics below that they cover. When they run out of things to say, ask them about any topics that they didn’t cover.

 What it is made of

 How big it is

 How much it weighs

 What is feels like or smells like

 How much it cost

 It’s (probable) value now

 How you got it (Where it was bought/ Who it was from etc.)

 What you would’ve bought or used if you hadn’t had that

 The kinds of people who usually have or use that thing

 The history of that object

 How it is used

 Other ways you could use it

 Where you keep it

 How long you have had it

 Other people who have owned it or used it

 How it compares to similar objects

 Why it is important to you

 How often, when and where you use it

 Memories that are associated with it

 How long you think you will keep it

 What you do to keep it safe or in good condition

 What you will do with it, who you will give it to or leave it to

 How you life would’ve been different/ would be different without that thing

Give this worksheet to your partner so that they can listen and tick as you give your presentation.


PDF for easy saving and printing: YourPossessionsExtendedSpeaking

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