ai phonics drawing race game

1. a train is in the rain

2. a man is painting a train

3. a snail is in the rain

4. it’s raining snails

5. it’s raining cans of paint

6. it’s raining trains

7. the snail has four tails

8. the snail has a pig’s tail

9. the cat is painting with its tail

10. the snail has a sail

11. the train has a sail

12. the train has a cheetah’s tail

13. the boat is sailing in the rain

14. the teacher has a nail in his brain

Teacher’s instructions

Read out one of the sentences above, write it on the board, or give out worksheets and read out one sentence or call out a number. The first team to draw the correct thing or all the teams to complete a drawing of the correct thing within the time limit get points.

Alternatively, you or one of the students draws one of the sentences and the first team to call out or write the correct sentence gets the point. Again, you could set a time limit and give points to all teams to do it correctly within that time.


PDF for easy saving and printing: ai phonics drawing race

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