Classroom management articles/ Classroom dynamics articles

31 articles and useful phrases on getting students to work well together. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Classroom management and classroom dynamics articles

Boosting students’ confidence in the teacher – LINK UPDATED

Dealing with students who don’t ask questions – LINK UPDATED

Dealing with dominating students – LINK UPDATED

Finding things in common

Finding a balance in the use of competition

Making sure that students understand your instructions

Proactive classroom management

Giving students individual attention

15 solutions for mixed-motivation classes

15 reasons for misbehaviour in pre-school English classes

15 ways to learn student names

15 criteria for good groupwork organisation

15 ways to cut out or limit L1 use in class

15 ways to put students into pairs and groups

15 ways to start an adult lesson

15 ways to finish a pre-school English lesson

15 ways to stop your students translating

15 ways to start preschool classes

15 ways of dealing with students who pause before they speak

15 ways of simplifying your classroom language

15 more ways to simplify your classroom language

15 fun things to do with an OHP

15 things to do with a whiteboard

15 physical warmers for adults

15 important cultural differences in the EFL classroom

15 more important cultural differences in EFL

15 cultural differences in the Japanese classroom

15 more cultural differences in the Japanese classroom

15 fun ways to score points

15 ways of reproducing exam conditions

15 problems and solutions for large pre-school classes

15 fun sit-down activities for pre-school classes

15 variations in large pre-school classes

15 ways of calming down a pre-school English class

15 ways to personalise your young learner classes

The first 15 stages of using pre-school worksheets

15 punishments for pre-school English classes

15 typical textbook exercises that you can easily personalise

Mixed ability classes (Onestopenglish young learners section, so need to register to view)

Teaching large classes (ditto)

Behaviour management (ditto)

Lists of functional language for classroom management

The big list of discipline classroom language

Phraselist of praising, encouraging and consoling

Useful classroom language for moving around

Ending the lesson phrases – LINK UPDATED

Classroom language when using the board – LINK UPDATED

Classroom language for starting lessons – LINK UPDATED

Classroom management phrases

Updated 19 September 2022

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