Opinions on architecture

Architecture vocabulary/ Giving opinions

Choose a kind of architecture to describe or a word to describe some architecture and give your opinions on that topic or using that word. Does your partner agree with your opinion?

Possible opinions on architecture topics

Abandoned buildings

Alternative materials

An eyesore

An infamous building/ A notorious building

Apartment lobbies

Architectural education

Baroque architecture


Bidding for public infrastructure projects

Big Ben/ The Houses of Parliament, London

Brick houses

Brightly-coloured buildings

Brownfield sites

Buckingham Palace, London

Building regulations, e.g. about earthquake protection or appearance

Cobbled streets

Construction industry Curvilinear buildings

Cycle lanes



Design hotels

Domestic architecture

Double glazing

Elevated expressways

Embassies Exposed concrete

Fake bricks

Gentrification Getting on the property ladder


Green architecture

Green spaces in this town/ country

Greenfield sites Green belt

High-rise flats

Himeji Castle, Japan

Historically important buildings

Indentikit housing estates

Kitsch buildings

Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Land reclamation

Loft extensions

Log cabins

Luxury apartments


Mock Tudor

Modern rural architecture


National heritage designation

New religious architecture in this town/ country

New towns

Olympic architecture

Open plan living room and kitchens

Outlet malls

Paper screens

Pastiche buildings

Pedestrian bridges

Pedestrianised streets

Plate glass office buildings

Police boxes Post-modernism

Power lines

Preserving buildings, e.g. listing Brutalist concrete buildings

Public housing, e.g. council estates

Public spaces in this city/ country, such as town squares

Public toilets

Recent modernist architecture

Redevelopment of whole areas

Reed matting

Rental accommodation in this town/ country

Repurposed buildings

Resort architecture

Retro street lighting

Rundown areas/ Slums

Rundown housing

Scandinavian style

School architecture

Second homes

Semi-detached houses

Shopping centres/ Shopping arcades

Skyscrapers such as The Shard

So-called iconic buildings

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Starchitects such as Zaha Hadid

Statement architecture

Station architecture

Suburban housing


Terraced houses

Thatched cottages

The (old) Imperial Hotel, Tokyo (now in Nagoya)

The Bird’s Nest stadium, Beijing

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The CBD/ The skyscraper district

The Coliseum, Rome

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Emperor’s palace, Tokyo

The Forbidden Palace, Beijing

The general public’s taste in architecture

The Great Wall of China

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

The mansions of rich people

The outskirts of this town

The town hall in this town

Tower Bridge, London

Traditional (covered) shopping streets

Traditional architecture

Tropical architecture

University campuses

Versailles Palace, near Paris

Villages/ Hamlets

Water features (fountains etc)

Waterfront development

Wooden apartments

World Heritage listings


Adjectives to describe architecture








Bad taste

Beautiful/ Gorgeous – Hideous

Bland/ Dull


Cutting edge

Dated – Timeless

Derivative/ Unoriginal – Original


Disappointing Elegant

Famous – Infamous/ Notorious




Jaw dropping


Overrated – Underrated










Ask about any vocabulary above which you don’t understand, giving opinions on that topic or with that word each time.


Do the same, but this time flipping a coin to decide what opinion you and your partner should give.

Heads= positive opinion                                                        Tails = negative opinion

Heads = strong opinion                                            Tails = weak opinion

Heads = agree                                                          Tails = disagree

Heads = strong (dis)agreement                              Tails = weak (dis)agreement


PDF version for easy saving and printing: opinions-on-architecture