Keynote Intermediate games/ worksheets

Keynote Intermediate PDFs. More materials and links coming very soon! If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 30 November 2019

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Photocopiable Keynote Intermediate classroom activities

Photocopiable Keynote Intermediate Unit 1 classroom activities

Describing your job extended speaking

Experiences in my job extended speaking– NEW

Mark Bezos A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Fire Fighter TED talk worksheet (including feedback on his presentation skills) – NEW

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Photocopiable Keynote Intermediate Unit 2 classroom materials

Communication trends and practice – NEW

How to Start a Movement by Derek Simons TED Talk worksheet – NEW

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Photocopiable Keynote Intermediate Unit 3 classroom activities

An Escape from Poverty TED Talk numbers practice worksheet – NEW

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Photocopiable Keynote Intermediate Unit 4 classroom activities

Don’t eat the marshmallow presentation worksheet – NEW

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