Speculating in FCE Speaking Part Two Use of English Part Two open cloze

Put one word into each of the gaps below.  

It seems _______________________________________________ be some kind of park.

He appears to ___________________________________________________ annoyed.

It looks ________________________________________ he’s making some kind of craft.

I’m not sure ___________________________________ I guess it’s her first day at school.

I ______________________________ imagine that they are members of the same family.

Looking at the exotic wildlife, this is obviously ___________________________ in Europe.

After this, they _________________________________ probably go home much happier.

It ___________________________________ possibly be kindergarten rather than school.

_____________________________ first impression is that he isn’t really enjoying himself.

The concert ________________________________________________ well be in a park.

I ________________ the impression that they have already been travelling for a long time.

It is almost __________________ the countryside, because I can’t see any buildings at all.

This _______________________________ be a train, because no bus has seats like that.

Actually, I used to be a receptionist, so I know _________ sure that her smile is a fake one.

Photography is a hobby of mine, so I know for _______ fact that it’s a very expensive lens.

I expect that _________________________________________ will be an argument soon.

I reckon that _______________________________________________ is raining outside.

I _______________________________________ fairly certain it’s a British estate agent’s.

I’m pretty confident __________________________ it’s the sea, though it could be a lake.

This photo must __________________________________________ been taken in Africa.

Underline useful speculating language above and then use that in Speaking Part Two.


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