Weather games, worksheets, stories and songs

Updated 3 March 2017

Teaching weather vocabulary articles

Fun activities for weather vocabulary – NEW LINK

Photocopiable weather vocabulary classroom activities for EFL learners

Weather and invitations practice (inviting people to do things in particular kinds of weather, then using the weather as an excuse to turn down invitations)

Guess the country from the weather

Guess the clothes from the hints (with quite a lot of Present Continuous, weather vocabulary, etc)

Seasons vocabulary games (including lots of weather vocab)

Weather vocabulary songs for EFL learners

How’s the weather? song on Super Simple Learning

Rain Rain Go Away on on Super Simple Learning (just “rain”, but lots of nice family and sports vocab if you want to do either of those topics next)

Incy Wincy Spider (just “rain”, but nice actions)

Weather stories for EFL learners

Ali and the Magic Carpet story on Learn English Kids

The Lazy Bear story on Learn English Kids

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (weather only in the pictures, not the words of the book, but still found it works well if you elicit the weather on each page)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (though you’ll need to completely retell the story from the pictures to make it understandable, and it’s a bit long so you should probably skip pages)

How’s the Weather (Bear in the Big Blue House – with magnets. Incredibly expensive online, but snatch a copy if you ever see it in a secondhand bookshop…)

Related pages

Present Continuous page

Nature and the environment page

Clothes page

Days, months, dates and times page (including seasons)


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