Market Leader Pre-Intermediate games/ worksheets

Updated 23 July 2015

This is a bit of a mix of stuff for the three different editions – will try to update it more soonish.

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 classroom activities

Business English needs ranking task

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 2 classroom activities

Your week prepositions

Business English prepositions pairwork

Negotiations and modal verbs

Meetings and negotiations page

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 3 classroom activities

Politeness competition game

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 5 classroom activities

Adjectives compare your weeks

Feelings/ Extreme adjectives past continuous guessing

Stress at work Guess the job

Your stressful week

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 6 classroom activities

Entertaining foreign guests roleplay meetings

Language for entertaining foreign visitors

Hotel negotiations pairwork roleplays

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 7 classroom activities

Units 1 to 7 taboo topics game

Units 1 to 7 vocabulary truth or dare

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate Unit 8 classroom activities

Checking/ Clarifying and marketing vocabulary  (with marketing collocations and correction of typical checking understanding phrases) – NEW


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